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Jennifer Wilner's portfolio. Welcome! Take a look around...

  • Kipcon


    Click here to see the entire advertising campaign.

  • Macy's

    My work for Macy's extended to many interactive home pages and email blasts. Click here to see more examples.

  • "I can't believe it's not Butter!"

    This campain for "I can't believe it's not Butter!" married romance with great taste in a retro romance comic book format. Click here to see the other hand drawn illustrations in banner ads and landing pages.

  • Celtic Speed Motorsports

    Click here to see the print campaign and website.

  • Pemco

  • Dupont

    Dupont Leaps "Miracles of Science" Microsite. Click here to see it in action.

  • Portraits

    I can draw pretty much anyone, but I enjoy drawing children. Click here to see a small selection of portraits.

  • MDCT Convention

    This invitation/poster, "Save the date" postcard and website featured sights of Boston as an attraction to the event. The invitation/poster measures 16x20" open and folded was a self mailer 8x10" piece. Customers were driven by e-blast to the website for online registration as well. Click here to see the entire project.

  • Just Farmed

    Just Farmed

    Click here to see the live website.Click here to see the entire branding campaign, including truck design and advertising.

  • Corning

    Flash based site highlighting one of their ad campaigns.

  • James Knapp

    Website for James Knapp award winning Sci-fi author. Click here to see the website.

  • ProHance Marketing Guide

    This piece was printed with a die cut cover and an extra silver plate to enhance the shimmer of the under sea world. Click here to see the full brochure.

  • ABC Logo Design

    Logo Design for ABC Medical Education company.

  • The Birthday Box

    The Birthday Box is a non-profit organization that gives "Birthdays in a box" to need children in the local community.

  • Cardiogen-82 Ad

    Trade ad for Cardiogen-82 contrast product.

  • Beware the Man
    Eating Chicken

    Poster, ads and website for Off-Broadway play. Click here to see the website.

  • AACN Convention Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing Campaign for convention. Goals were to appeal directly to Critical Caregivers and increase attendance at the event. Click here for a closer look at all the pieces.

  • MRI Safety Poster

    MRI Safety Poster for hospitals and Radiology Departments alerting staff and patients of safe practices.

  • Logos

    This is small selection of logos I have designed.

  • Red Sumo

    Red Sumo was designed as a internal interaction and feedback center for employees. While it is unfinished, the animation is fun and gave an aternative to the boring intranet calendar and news. Click here to take a look. There are 3 opening movies where the Sumo does different things. They appear at random. Check out the other Sumo fun Flash pieces on my site as well.

  • PowerPoint Original Templates

    Samples of PowerPoint templates I have designed.

  • K. Abrams Architect

    Click here to see the live site.

  • Email Blasts

    Click here to see samples of email blasts.

  • Banners

    Click here to see some samples of Flash and HTML banners.

  • Camp Camden

    Camp Camden

    Bar Mitzvah Design for Camden Beinhaker at Camp Kindering. Identity system created for the event. Rustic but elegant camp motif. Elements included, logo, Invitations, menu design, banners and directional materials for guests. Invitation laser engraved on wood with leather string attaching the back information. Click here to see the write up on Mitzvah Market of this event. Click here to see the more pieces of this project.

  • Misc. and Fun

    Click here to see newsletters, trade show display, extra Sumo fun and more...

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About White Wave Graphics

Design from a marketing perspective.

White Wave Graphics offers graphic design, web design and any other design that fits your needs. White Wave's philosophy is to deliver a smart online and or offline presence to a company that will ultimately increase revenue. Looking at the whole project with all marketing initiatives is key. Design certainly counts, but it means nothing without a solid understanding of the project as a whole.

White Wave Graphics has been in business for 12 years working with many talented and creative people.

My Skills

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Marketing
  • Presentation Design
  • People/Project
  • Newsletter Design
  • Wordpress site deisgn
  • Email blast design
  • Event Planning/Design


  • Early adopter of the internet as a markeing space
  • NYC ad agency experience
  • Experience with clients in Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Corporate, B to B, Financial, Non-Profit and more
  • Partner and Board Member of Non-Profit organziation that helps children in need
  • Click here to view my full resume


Here's what White Wave Graphics has to offer...

  • Web Design

    With my programming team or yours, White Wave Graphics offers design and development services that meet your marketing objectives.

  • Graphic Design

    Whatever it is, White Wave can design it!

  • Invitation Design/
    Event Design

    White Wave offers unique, personalized designs. Jenn designs invitations and gives outside-the-box ideas to make any event special.

  • Portraits

  • Kids painted portraits on canvas add a special touch to your home.


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